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Yes we do. However, every child is different. Some children may do better at a children’s specialist or even need to be sedated if they are very anxious.

In order to prevent dental problems, your child should see a dentist between 6-9 months for a visual examination, or no later their first birthday. As soon as they have their first tooth it’s a good idea to bring them in to start getting used to coming to the dental office. Many kids are afraid of the dentist and it’s good to get them used to it as soon as possible so future cleanings and any needed treatment will be easy and anxiety free.

If baby teeth become diseased or decayed it can lead to pain and infection. It can also be difficult for children to eat a well-balanced meal with a mouth full of cavities. Untreated cavities also increase the amount of decay causing bacteria in the mouth. As permanent teeth erupt, they are at increased risk for developing cavities because of the higher bacteria count. Baby teeth also hold space in the mouth for the erupting permanent teeth. If the baby teeth become decayed or are taken out too early, the permanent teeth often become crowded and will likely need braces to straighten in the future.